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Security Incident Response and Investigation

Services that respond to, remediate, and seek to prevent security incidents.

Respond to a Ticket

Our analysts are constantly investigating potential incidents and working with the campus community to resolve them in an expedient manner. If you are contacted by a member of our team or one of our IT Partners regarding one of these alerts, it is vital that you respond immediately to minimize damage and avoid interrupted access to the Stony Brook University network.

Submit or Respond to a Ticket

Report an Incident

If you see something, say something. It’s important that you notify us if you are aware of a potential cyber security incident. We have a team of individuals that can help minimize damage and examine evidence. Stony Brook community members are the best incident detection tool we have! If you are aware of an incident or even just suspicious, report it immediately.

Report an Incident

Incident Response Planning

The Incident Response Working Group (IRWG) has been charged with establishing and maintaining an Incident Response Policy and Plan. If you are involved in responding to an event of interest or a confirmed incident, refer back to this document frequently.

Learn More about Incident Response Planning